Mountain Province Federation - UK


The Mountain Province Federation-UK is a non-profit organization with a mission dedicated to promote camaraderie, respect and harmonious relations amongst its subgroups through community fellowships, spiritual enhancement and cultural proficiency. It has a vision of uniting the people of Mountain Province living and working in the UK, as one towards growth and development.


The Mountain Province Federation-UK started in 2012 with Edward Tuldaque and Vicky Malinias as the first appointed coordinators. In June 2013, the celebration of the 1st Lang-ay UK took place. In order to guarantee the maximum participation of members from the different municipalities of Mountain Province and because of the growing number of members, the organization decided to install four coordinators in September 2013 with Dukaw Cadiogan, Melchor Fagyan, Naomi Pespes and Jackie Lao-e taking the task. The celebration of the 2nd Lang-ay UK showcased in July 2015.  In October 2015, the restructuring of the MPFed saw the election of a set of the following officers:

President: Dukaw Cadiogan

Vice President: Jackie Lao-e

Secretary: Megan Abad

Treasurer: Naomi Pespes and Orville Calixto

Auditor: Barrie Ayochok and Efrela Panisigan

Business Managers: Mark Caslangen and Alicia Manicao

P.R.O: Rishel Quino and Ann Andres

Municipal Representatives:

Bontoc: Barrie Ayochok

Besao: Joan Padong and Jeferson Dokey

Tadian: Brezbie Baido

Sagada: Connie Omaweng

Bauko: Janet Atiwag

Sabangan: Christy Mccan

Sadanga: Marjorie Punasen

Barlig/Paracelis/Natonin: Efren Afuyog and Grace Lamaton


The 3rd Lang-ay-UK transpired in June 2016.


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