Those of you who know something about Australian history likely know that the Australian Aborigine had a much harder time during the colonial period than any Filipino Igorot. They were literally considered animals and were hunted for various reasons. After thousands died from diseases that the Europeans brought, more thousands died from bullets. They faced horrific trials throughout their history, trials that taught them valuable lessons we can learn from.
That is the sentiment behind our theme "A more tolerant world through cultural sharing". We are hosting a conference that isn't just Igorot, but rather "Indigenous". 
We are making the Australian Aborigines a part of our conference. We want them to share with us the lessons they've learned. We want them to participate in the subsequent debates to find the most effective paths to resolving our mutual issues. We want to develop strategies that will make our world a more tolerant place for our respective peoples.
And in sharing in this fashion, we will invite them to share their beliefs and cultural rituals and dances. You'll discover that in some cases, while dramatically different in execution, they are also all remarkably similar to what we believe in.
Our objective as exemplified by our theme is to create a friendship, an alliance, a broader aboriginal family so that we can share and work together in the future to deal with the problems of indigenous people all over the world, not only with our own issues.

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